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The best way to describe what is Prettyinsideout is using the word of Lemmi, the founder mentor, and life coach :
”  My dream is that by coaching, writing and speaking about all the things that make me feel pretty or excited, I’ll inspire you to recognize and chase your dreams, help you overcome the bumps, find the humor in life and live a little. ”
Project type: Coaching website design


Coaching website design – PROJECT DESCRIPTION

I find myself quite confident designing beauty and fashion websites, so when Lemmy she contacted me I was really happy to start this new project. Fashion web design is simplicity, harmony and pixel details.
We started from scratch, from deciding the layout and what message we wanted to give, from there I proceeded with the design and details. Working with Lemmi was an amazing experience!

Project Complexity


This project received:  5 STARS out of 5