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Men’s Grooming Ireland is one of the best luxury Barber Shop in Ireland. The level of quality is just outstanding, is a pleasure work for this company because I could really feel how these people care about their business and clients.
Project Description: Barber shop website design

Barber shop website design – PROJECT DESCRIPTION

The first step was the optimization of the website speed, from almost 11s to 4s to load the Home page. After that, the main objective was an Advance SEO research/strategy and the Design, we changed the website improving user experience by introducing Online Booking, custom gift cards, and some other functions

We worked on the website security as well in order to be safe against intrusions, we applied SSL to all the website ( this was also good for SEO )

The SEO analysis was quite complete and deep, we could extract keywords and real competitors, together with a lot of other essential data used after to create a strategy.

Project Complexity
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This project received:  5 STARS out of 5

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